Consultation (1st Session):
75 Minute Session | $125


The consultation begins with a discussion of your health goals and an assessment of your current health status through various tests (BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, measurements, water weight, belly fat [visceral]). Based on your results and health goals, we will work together on customizing a healthy eating plan that best accommodates your lifestyle. You will receive a customized meal plan tailor fit to your needs, a ton of easy, healthy recipes, and tips and guidelines to help you stay on track. As always I make myself fully available to you for guidance and support after or between sessions. Following sessions | $100


Single Session | $100


Package of 4 sessions | $349


Package of 10 sessions | $799


BFF/Couple 4 Pack | $649


BFF/Couple 10 pack | $1249


21 Day Sugar Free Detox (in person) | $279


21 Day Sugar Free Detox (online) | $199


Post Detox Program | $189

Post Detox Program (4 weeks)

Congratulations! You have now successfully completed the 21 Day Sugar Free Detox, you’re feeling great, and you want to continue learning and gathering the tools necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our 4 Week Post Detox Program provides you with just that! Let us take you beyond the basics of healthy eating and introduce you to even more exciting stuff.

What will you be receiving?
4 comprehensive meal plans
A fitness challenge curated by Karin
4 workshops covering: superfoods, vitamins and minerals, exercise, eating out, orthomolecular nutrition, emotional eating, and behavioral changes
Restaurant guide to eating in Los Angeles (what to order at some of your favorite restaurants)
A guide book with all recommended products, supplements, and vitamins
Over 50 cool unique recipes

As always you will be added to a facebook group where you can interact with karin and fellow group mates sharing progress, pictures, tips, and cool recipes.


Please call or email to purchase!