my story

I met Karin on February of last year and I must say that I couldn’t be more thankful for having her in my life. Her knowledge, experience and support are simply priceless. As I attended 3 of her programs (21 day sugar free challenge, advance and 21 sugar free challenge again) I learned so much about life without sugar, how to read labels, how to plan my day and most of all, I learned about myself. I learned what my body likes and doesn’t like. I learned how to treat my body with love and respect. Karin was ALWAYS there to answer my questions, help me figure out a plan that will answers all my needs and more than anything was there to support and motivate me to never give up! For those of us who struggle with body image and weight we know how much those qualities are invaluable in a mentor. Thank you Karin for your love, patience and endless support!! I highly recommend Karin and her program for anyone who is wanting to have HEALTHY LIFE STYLE.


Liron Gabay - 29 years old